Animal Kingdom Lodge & Jiko

I’ve been working on a project based out of Disney World for the last month or so and you find
out a couple things when working in prime tourist destinations. You not only have one job,
but you have two. Your second jobs becomes that of a concierge constantly recommending the best places to dine and
sleep while staying at Disney.  There are several options and it really will depend on your interests, but
word-of-mouth is Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the
best. The theme alone requires applause as the atmosphere takes you to an African savannah combining styles from other
Disney resorts. What many enjoy most is the view from the atrium at early morning sunrise where you can lookout at
three of the savannahs and watch as Giraffe, Impala, and Kudu wake up for a new day.

Though you’ll be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge you won’t have to worry about the menu’s being
completely filled with meaty dishes.
Jiko has one of the
larger and best vegetarian selections in the entire Magic Kingdom. The food keeps to the theme of the resort
offering African fare for your buds, as well as some multi-cultural mixes. The resort and its dining facilities are all
a bit pricey, but if it’s well worth it if you’re out this way on vacation.