Sink Your Teeth Into a Sweet Maui Onion

This is certainly an event I never imagined took place in the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Maui,
but sweet onions happen to be serious business and they love them so much they
even have a festival to celebrate the delicious – onions.
Uh. CNN notes this will
be the 16th year for the annual festivities and should be all the sweeter during the two days on August 6-7 where
locals and visitors can take part in raw onion eating contests. Is this sounding appetizing yet? If all else in
Maui should fail, which I am sure is nearly impossible, at least you could say you added a little flavor to your trip
by being in attendance.

The secret to growing the sweet Maui onions lies in the soil near a huge dormant volcano and cool temperatures from
the elevation, but only the small group of farmers in the Kula area on the slopes of Haleakala know the real tricks of
the trade. CNN’s piece on the upcoming onion par-tay isn’t that bad and teaches us that Maui is far from being all
about surf. Least it taught me and I lived in Hawai’i.