Action Film Academy

There are unusual vacations, and then there are unusual vacations. Here’s one that will (perhaps literally) knock
you socks off). Action Film Academy holds courses in how to be
an action film star. You’ll learn how to punch and blow things up, hone your stuntman skills, receive instruction in
screenplay writing and get professional tips on how to break into the industry. Picture yourself choreographing a fight
scene, learning knife throwing, as well as airbag and stair falls.

The brainchild of actor and martial arts expert Michael Depasquale the academy is hands-on, hard-core and (I’m
guessing) fun as all get out. The only thing I see missing here is how to say your lines properly, perhaps with an
Austrian accent. But maybe they will teach you that, too, so you can look over your shoulder as you’re leaving and say,
“Ill be back”.