Blog – Love Hotels

Here is a project started one steamy summer (I’m only guessing it was steamy) in 2003 out
of Tokyo, by a group of  people with interests in Japan’s
famous love hotels. The idea of the blog was
to snag a friend, your camera phone, and head to any love hotel on the evening of July 3, 2003. After all was said and
done, your tasteful photos of the experience were to be posted onto the site for what is titled,
“The First International Love Hotel Moblogging Conference.”

Eyebrows raised yet? Well the site itself isn’t fully packed with tons of crazed love hoteliers, but the few
pictures with shy and naughty details left by some of the attendees actually occupied a little bit of
my time. (And no I’m not a perv.) Public displays of affection, illuminated interiors, and toys for the event
can all be seen in some of the rather snazzy and pretty gosh darn good camera phone photos. Up for a little kinky
hotel experience of your own?  Check out Tokyo Tidbits and get started on your next or first racy adventure in