Happy in Hanoi

Among the places at the top of my “must visit” list is Vietnam. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Thailand, and
went to Cambodia just a few years ago, but the one place in
Southeast Asia that really fascinates me is Vietnam. I’ve had a couple buddies live there, and each has said Vietnam in
immensely beautiful, the food is awesome and the people are friendly.

And while Saigon would be cool, there is something, too, about Hanoi that really intrigues me. So I was very pleased
to read this piece in the Mercury
News (subscription) about Hanoi. It gives a nice low down on the town and how far its come since the war, and makes
mention of some of the places you might want to visit should you be lucky enough to go. Among these is, of course, Hoa
Lo prison, the infamous “Hanoi Hilton”, where American POWs were kept during the war.