Sugarcane Restaurant in Brooklyn

I went on a hunt for some of the best shark dishes out there after reading a bio on a friend that
loves shark on occasion and though I wouldn’t go for shark (not a big seafood eater) I
thought I’d find something out there for the rest of you that might be just as anxious to taste. Through
a couple of clicks I managed to find this Caribbean food spot out of Brooklyn at
City Search dot com.
Sugarcane, a West Indian restaurant scores a 9.3 review. Pretty impressive. What speaks to the folks most
is the filet of shark sandwich and also the oxtail which certainly seems to be the hit at the
place. Sounds like a good bite with great atmosphere, but that’s all according to the critics.  You can check
them out for yourself by visiting their web site or better yet for
lunch while you’re in BK.