Tim Cahill (et al) Writing Class

Travel writing as a profession is one tough nut to crack. It is the rare scribe who can actually make a living
doing. One such person is the legenday Tim Cahill, who’s wit and way with words are wondrous (pwee! illiteration foul!
five yard penalty!)

Cahill, as most folks already know is a founding editor of Outside
Magazine and author of “Hold the Enlightenment,” “Jaguars Ripped My Flesh” and other adventure travel writing classics.
And the good part is that he teaches at the annual Book Passage Travel
Writing Conference, held in Corte Madera Aug. 18-21.

This is the real deal. The conference puts together aspiring travel writers with some of the field’s top authors,
providing them with very personal classroom instruction, workshops and presentations.

Cahill’s not the only star among the faculty. Students will also hobnob with Simon Winchester, author of “Krakatoa”
and “The Professor and the Madman;” Larry Habegger, executive editor of San Francisco-based Travelers’ Tales Books; and
Robert Holmes, one of the nation’s premier travel photographers.

Cost of the conference is $625. For more information call (800) 999-7909 or visit
this site.