Head to Tahiti

Before I really knew anything about Tahiti hearing the name of the country always reminded me
of the vacation grand prize you could win on a game show, but I always
wondered did anyone really go there? Whether or not anyone really flew the friendly skies then or now, it
sure is calling my name. With the weather not so bueno in the Caribbean these days the Pacific seems
perfect. There is tons of deep blue to dive, lush green to hike, and hot sand to fall out on. You get the

There are also numerous culture and outdoor events happening year-round as found on the
Tahiti Tourisme web site.  For the coming months visitors
can attend the Polynesian Artists Festival happening in August, Raid Painapo, a mountain team race through the Oponohu
Valley on September 24 and The 3rd edition of surf competition at the Taapuna Pro also taking place in September.
Sounds like a good mix of everything.