Maine Lobster Festival

If there’s one thing Maine is known for, it’s lobster. Those big claws, the delicious white meat. The bright red
carapace after a good beach bake. We used to head to Maine every few summers to hang with family, and despite the
mosquitoes, there’s really nothing quite like a good lobster bake. I’m actually up here right now, in a town called
Rockport, where I’m doing a video editing program at the Workshops. Sadly, I’ve been indoors editing most days, but the
weather up here is amazing, and I seethe with jealousy every day as I watch the kayakers out in the bay. Damn.

But there is one thing folks here seem to be getting geared up for. That is the
Maine Lobster Festival, which runs from August 3-7 this year, and
always attracts legions of hard-core lobster lovers. I wish I was going to be here, but alas, I’ll be heading back in a
few days. I was here for the festival several years ago, though, and it was wonderful. Lobster still ain’t cheap, but
you can get loads of it up here in the form of rolls, tails, kebabs, and so on. If you haven’t made any August plans
this year, this might be one to check out.