Death in the Afternoon

Alas, another edition of get wasted and throw your body into the path of oncoming angry bovines is over.  No
deaths this year, thank goodness. Certainly some squished toes and damaged livers, but no deaths. That is not how it’s
always been. Here is a very touching story from BBC News
about the personal experience of a reporter who was witness to the last death death in the afternooon in Pamplona. The
death took place 10 years ago, and the victim was 22 year old Chicagoan Matthew Tassio. It’s well-written, and a
reminder of how danerous this event can be:  The fighting bull which gored him weighed half a tonne. It hit
him in the abdomen, severed a main artery, sliced through his kidney and punctured his liver, before tossing him seven
metres (23 feet) in the air.