Plan a Country Music Vacation in Nashville

I’m not the biggest country music fan out there. I’m not even close, but I do appreciate the genre
and a couple of artists that have made it worth listening to for me. Patsy Cline is one of
my all-time fav’s, but who doesn’t like Patsy? Anyways, I met a few folks out of Nashville today and they suggested
making it your next country music adventure travel destination if clicking your boots and square dancing tickle your
pickle. After looking at a couple of different web sites I couldn’t argue that Nashville is probably one of the
best places to get your fill of bluegrass. Many live performances can be seen at the Grand Ole Opry every weekend
and with CMT (Country Music Television) claiming Nashville as it’s home there should be tons for the curious music
lover to explore.

BlueShoe Nashville is a great starting point if you are
anxious to find information on getting there.  The information found here is not limited to just the music as
they’ve got bundles of information on a variety of stateside events and sites.  And remember: The grass is always
bluer on the other side. He he.