Oh, and Tacoma, Too

And since we did a little post on Seattle this morning, I guess it is behooves us to post a bit about Tacoma as
well. Although Tacoma is not nearly as great a city as Seattle, it is still a cool place to visit if you are traveling
in Washington State. Or even if you live there.

In this
Globe and
Mail piece
Sam Bufalini takes a fresh look at his hometown, and discovers that the place has cleaned up real good.
Tacoma used to be known as the city where you’d hold your nose as you drove through…which was hard because you needed
to have both hands on the wheel because you were driving as fast as you could to get past the city. But the city has
done a great job cleaning up the air and adding culture to make Tacoma a viable destination, something most
Washingtonians would have said was unlikely a decade ago.

Among the new things to do is the Museum of Glass, which
celebrates the work of Dale Chihuly and other artists who work in this breakable medium. Tacoma is also the gateway to
Mount Rainier, which is about an hour or two outside the city and worth every mile.