California’s 14’ers – a List

California amazes me with the incredibly vast array of opportunities for
outdoor activity in the state. You can do some of the finest skiing on the
globe in Mammoth or Tahoe. The surfing kicks ass from San Diego to Eureka. The list goes on and on.

One other thing Cali has is the highest mountain in the continental US. Mt. Whitney stands over 14,400 feet and is
doable by even amataur or intermediate climbers. The fact is, California has over a dozen 14’ers, or climbs over 14,000
feet. In the spirit of listing them all in one place, I offer this list, taken from, who put them together for CA hiking

Mount Whitney – Highest Mountain in California

Mount Williamson – Second Highest Peak in California

White Mountain – Third Highest Mountain in California

North Palisade Mountain – U-Notch Coulior & Southwest Chute Routes

Mount Shasta – Avalanche Gulch & Hotlum-Wintun Ridge Climbing Routes

Mount Sill – North Coulior & Glacier Creek Cirque Routes

Mount Russell – Seventh Highest Peak in California

Split Mountain – Eigth Highest Peak in California

Mount Langley – Ninth Highest Peak in California

Mount Tyndall – Tenth Highest Peak in California

Middle Palisade – Eleventh Highest Peak in California

Mount Muir – Twelfth Highest Peak in California

Thunderbolt Mountain – North Couliour & Southwest Chute Routes