MSR Whisperlite Internationale Stove

I’ve been wanting to write about
this stove for a while because I love Whisperlite products
and because it’s one of the first to be very small, yet burn different fuels.

The WhisperLite Internationale stove was designed to
keep up with hard-core mountain and camping types who want to carry as little as possible when they are out (and
doesn’t this pretty much apply to everyone?), but who still like a good hot meal. To meet this demand, MSR
devised this solid multi-fuel burning version of the WhisperLite Shaker Jet Stove. This is a great
multi-purpose stove that gets the job done, and packs very tightly into a bag about the size of a fist.

You can use MSR White Gas, kerosene, jet fuel or even auto gas…not bad.  Thankfully, MSR added a
larger-diameter fuel line just in case you are4 forced to use poor quality fuel. And MSR’s Shaker Jet technology
ensures that the stove jet can be cleaned by simply shaking the apparatus.  Still not sold? You can check other
reviews of the