Volunteer Vacations for Hikers

It’s summer and you’re trying to come up with something cool to do for a week or perhaps a
long weekend. You love to be in the mountains, you love to hike, but you also want to give something back, contribute a
little bit to the places you enjoy.

The American Hiking Society

offers opportunities
for you to volunteer and help build and improve trails, clear brush, build trail bridges,
and do all sorts of maintenance to make hiking opportunities better for everybody. The opportunities range widely, but
nearly every state has something.

New Yorkers
might check out Camp Deer Run’s offerings,

while in Idaho
, they need some help in the Sawtooth Wilderness. With so many great resources available in this
country to get out and experience nature, it is sometimes a good idea to give a little back, since many of these places
are made great by volunteers.