Getting In Tune with Baltimore

Baltimore, when said aloud always reminds me of the poem written by Countee Cullen, a famous

poet during the Harlem Renaissance and how the city and it’s people didn’t rub him the
right way. It’s safe to say Cullen probably never went back, but for Markette Smith second chances allowed the city to
show its true colors. She shares her love / hate story on the area in the

BET online travel
section and admits to having a pretty damn good time.

Smith’s first couple of good trips always involved hanging out at a BBQ or house party with a
couple of friends. Other times when she went to the city alone or with a pal as green as she was to the city
hot spots, fun could never be found. But what changed her mind this time around was the African-American heritage tour.
While exploring Baltimore on the tour she discovered Timothy Dean’s Bistro (a comfy French restaurant), the
Reginald F. Lewis museum (the largest Afro-American museum on the East Coast) and the Maryland Historical Society.
Though her story is a little dry, her recommendations may come in handy or save your next trip up.