Brazil’s Wetlands and Samba

Lisa Grossman depicts a different Brazil than the string bikini filled beaches of Rio. Instead they
sport their string bikini tops and short denim miniskirts at the
farmhouse, which would be her accommodation over the next couple of days. When she paid to work side-by-side with
biologists as an Earthwatch volunteer in the Patanal (the world’s largest freshwater wetland in southwest Brazil) never
had she imagined watching scientists and cowboys show off their best bossa nova moves after a long day of researching
the elusive river otters. (I wonder why? Or maybe the sight was funnier than anything she had initially imagined.)
Though the nights were filled with tons of samba, piranha soup, and caipirinhas these days were certainly filled with
hard work.

Her duties included wielding the GPS unit to track and take note of the otter sightings. The scientists ultimate
goal is to understand the otter’s lifestyle and to create a protection plan to ensure their survival for years to come.
Luckily they are making great strides and Lisa was fortunate to have a small part in working along some smart
biologists who are also wild about their samba. Her story is featured on
Rough Guides online.