Cell Phones on Airplanes

First the news, then a poll.

The Federal Communications Commission recently said it would lift circa-1991 restrictions that prohibit cell phones on
planes because it has been shown that they do not interfere with the plane’s avionics. That is, because of new
technology, calling a client from seat 12B is not going to cause the plane to plummet to the ground from 35,000

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is
less sanguine, however.
In congressional hearings last week, FAA officials said they’d
keep the
, but would also consider requests to change on a case-by-case basis if the airlines can prove that there is no
interference.  Airbus of Europe, in fact, has announced a plan to permit use of cellphones in their airplanes by

Now the poll:

Even if airlines could prove on a widespread basis that cell phone use is OK, should they lift the ban?

Should the ban on cell phone use on plane’s be lifted?

Absolutely, let them chat away

Sh*t no. You think I want to hear Bob the marketing guy blab during the whole flight?

Know what, I don’t really care either way