Hike/Climb Devil’s Tower

Are you one of those who sits down to a meal of mashed potatoes
and immediately see the shape of Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower in the pile of frapped spuds? Well, then you’ve likely been
contacted by aliens and you need to hustle there now because you’re ride is waiting.

But even if you don’t have visions of the tower embedded deeply in your skull, you still might consider climbing this
b*tch, cause I understand it’s a lot of fun. Rough work, but fun. To do so, you need to hook up with an outfitter like
Devil’s Tower Climbing, and pick up yourself a guide. For years they
have helped even neophyte climbers ascent the 1,267 foot stumpy pillar that was featured so prominently in Close
Encounters. Once up topp, you can walk around the flat-topped summit and catch the glorious views below. And if you’re
real lucky (and can hum the right tune), you might get yourself a one-way ticket to Alpha Centauri.