Nat Geo Travel Tips

I usually don’t go much in for “travel tips” articles. Most of the stuff is so damn obvious, it’s like, duh, as if
I’m going to forget my passport. But this
set of tips from Nat Geo
is better than most. The specifics here, I think, are actually quite useful. As opposed to
a site that tells you generally: get your inoculation! Thus leaving you with little or no idea whiich ones you need,
this site explains them and gives the general cost to boot.

To wit: Hepatitis A and B vaccines (three shots over six months, $80-200) provide protection for at least 15
years. Mosquito-borne malaria is prevented by daily pills such as Doxycycline and Malarone ($60-150).

Now that’s news you can use. Further, in an explanation of why you should NOT be a pack rat, they give you
a nice suggestion on
some gear to help you organize.  (and as an aside, let me tell you from experience: having done a 5,000 mile trip
carrying more books than the Bookmobile, I learned the hard way that lots of books can be bought along the way…or

Anyway, it’s always nice to see a writer has done his homework and worked to make an article useful. So give this one
a read if you’re off any time soon.