Teen Beats Off Bear

So there you are, a wee lad of 14, sleeping in the wilderness, nothing but the gaping black sky above, when suddenly
you hear heavy breathing. Sure, that could be mom and dad in the other tent, but it sounds a lot closer than that. In
fact, it right outside the tent. In fact, something is now PAWING at the tent and OH MY GOD IT’S A BEAR!

Or so went the likely scenario when 14 year old
Keelan Patton awoke to find a bear pawing at him on Tuesday while he was camping with family near Coaldale, Colo. The
bear actually pawed through the fabric of the boy’s tent, but the boy slugged him. The bear bit the boy’s left hand,
grimaced, and then went on to find tastier children elsewhere. And so it goes in the world of bears.

BTW: Did that headline catch your eye? I knew it would.