Mammoth Caves NP

While we’re on the topic of caves, let me
post about an
I found in the Washington Post this morning.

Another set of National Park Service caves a bit further east from Carlsbad Caverns is
Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Mammoth Caves is one of the nation’s
oldest tourist attractions, with visitation dating back to the War of 1812 when the caves were mined for saltpeter, one
of the raw materials for gunpowder…and the stuff they used to give soldiers to make them flaccid and take their minds
off women so they could fight, i.e. the anti-Viagra.

There are 365 miles of explored passageways at Mammoth Caves, one mile for every day of the year, if you wanted to do
the whole Experimental Travel thing with them. I’ve never actually been to the Mammoth Caves, so I have no idea how
they compare to Carlsbad, but the
piece here calls
them “spectacuular” and gives a nice rundown on what you’ll find, should your imminent road trip include