Cool Artist Stay in Toronto

For all the artists out there heading to Canada, specifically Toronto, you may want to look into the
Gladstone Hotel.  Being the oldest operating hotel in Toronto, they have continuously
made renovations since 1889 with their most recent being in May/June of this year. Though the web site provides more of
a history of the place rather than thousands of subliminal messages trying to sell you on a nights stay it certainly
says more than most. It’s important to know who had the room before you last? Or would you rather not know?  They
actually don’t get that detailed.

For the traveling artists it seems they know what meets their ever-so-creative needs in accommodation, which is why
they are affordable rooms (great for the many starving artists), they provide rooms with artful flavor (another
plus if you can’t stand being confined to four white walls), and exhibition space (if you’ve come prepared to woo
other travelers).

However, ‘fun nights’ are a sure thing for all when staying at Gladstone Hotel. They have three bars, one of which
was voted best karaoke bar in the area, film screenings, cabaret shows, and the latest exhibition titled Wallpaper has
been extended to July 31, 2005.  Looks good so get there fast.