Moon Google

The ever observant and helpful Carl posted a comment yesterday on our Moon Panorama post urging folks to check out
Moon Google. Carl usually has pretty good recs, so we went and checked it out.
He’s right.

So as I mentioned, July 20 was the anniversary of the 1969 moon landing. So some of you out there might not believe
that the moon landing actually took place, that it was all staged for the cameras to freak out the RUSKIES in the heart
of the Cold War. Well, this site is not for you. But
this one is!

Anyway, in the spirit of the anniversary, the folks at Google did a Google map of Tranquility base…and other places…on
the moon. You can venture there now, online, check out some of the details about the various Apollo adventures. It’s
pretty cool. Not amazing, blow your mind cool. But cool. And while you’re there, keep zooming in for the Google