Sudanese Children’s Online Art Gallery

If you are ever in need of an honest opinion you can always count on a child to give you one. For
all children the world is new, for many it is pure and for some it can be terribly
painful.  Though many of us have probably counted Sudan out of any near and future travel plans there are still
many ways to check in with the country.  MSN has a piece
compliments of Slate
on what Sudanese children are drawing these days. Sadly their pictures are not filled
with rainbows, unicorns, or a simple smiling face. Instead the gallery found online displays crayon drawn war
planes, guns and acts of violent war crimes experienced on a daily basis by the youth. The art definitely
brings the spirit down, but also sparks parts of your brain to find ways to possibly do something. In any case some of
the art is worth taking a few minutes to check-out. In fact it maybe one of the only ways to see what’s happening in
the region if well, you don’t plan to swing through.