Travel Writer’s Resource

Travel writing is a tough biz. The pay is often low, it is often very hard to get published in reputable (paying)
publications, and it requires a tremendous amount of work. Needless to say, there are a lot of aspiring, but very few
successful, travel writers out there. But a high level of difficulty should never dissuade anyone from achieving their
dream. If you want to be a travel writer, you need to hunker down, come up with an idea, and start writing. Write,
write write. It is the only way.

Now that said, even experienced travel writers can always use a good online resource, a place that talks about the
craft and provides tips and techniques to help you make your writing better…as well as to direct you to places to

There are lots of good resources out there. And even more crappy ones.
But here is a very solid new
over at Transitions Abroad that I think is worth
recommending. It was put together by
Tim Leffel, whose
World’s Cheapest Destinations has long been a valuable
resource to budget travelers.

There is a lot here…from writing tips, to links to great travel writing on the Web, to info about various writers.
As I say, there are LOTS of sites out there, but if travel writing is your thing, or you WANT it to be, this is a fine
place to start.