Getting Through Customs

Going through customs can be a great pain in the rear, especially when you have nothing to claim.
Folks that do claim items all the time have no problems or let’s say they have the patience
to go through yet another airport check. It’s a breeze for them right? How about the goofs that think it’s okay to
carry that delicious red apple into Thailand? Well it’s not okay and for the author of this
MSNBC piece it cost him $100 bucks. He learned a valuable
lesson and has even decided to help others from experiencing such by offering some very practical advice
to getting through customs. His sense of humor makes it worth the read and his advice isn’t solely for travel
overseas. He’s seen a good number of people get taken for strip search here in the states from his years as a flight
attendant. Eek! Some of his useful tips include:

  • Stay off and turn off your cell phone. If you think the cashier gets annoyed when you’re gabbing about your
    wonderful vacation, imagine how irate the burly customs staff along with their sniffing dogs get.

  • Keep your in-flight snacks on the plane when exiting. They become big issues when trying to get to that tight
    connecting flight.

  • Don’t bring any snapshots of you and your partner in any funky positions. (I’m sure everyone has problems with
    this one.) In some places it’s considered porno. Who knew?

  • Keep your cool.

There are many more from the few mentioned here so save yourself the hassle and check them out.