Bad, Bad Hotel Stories

Having touched a bit on the paranormal and weird deserted ghost towns earlier, I thought it would
make for great bed time material to throw this piece in the mix. Let me begin by saying how
semi-creepy the picture here borrowed from the story at
Forbes dot com looks. The blood oozing from the
borders reminds me of the Shining, where the masked hotel attendant kindly carrying the luggage seems like
something out of Resident Evil.  Overall it gave me a chuckle or two, but had the right appeal for the gruesome
hotel horror stories to follow. Some are too far out to believe. 

Rather than let everybody pour their hotel mishaps into the fill, Forbes focused on a select few and how the
situations were later resolved. I suppose it’s say to file this under hotel therapy. What would you do if you found a
corpse under your bed while visiting Sao Paulo, blood splatter in the tub in Vegas, or a yowling cat between your
mattress in Ohio. Do you call room service or get the hell out of dodge? I mean scenarios like that sound real
bang-bang, mob-like, and a living nightmare. Or maybe not.

Any ways, if you want to read, compare, or share not so hot hotel stays, look at the piece at Forbes and find out
what to do when placed in these horrible positions.