Ghost Towns in the West

How many times have you passed by a deserted house like the one found here out of Dos
Cabezas, AZ? Any and everyone who has ever taken a cross-country road trip has surely
passed more than a handful of these, but has anyone ever wondered about the fallen pieces of wooden
frame that used to be a home or the rubble of a once bustling Western town? The folks that put
together this online gallery of Ghost Towns seem to have
done some extensive research on the sites, where only tumble weeds roll and the whistle of the wind is the
only constant reminders of a town’s existence. Not all the towns found in the Ghost Town gallery are
completely deserted, but with populations totaling less than 1,000 in some places it still gives a pretty eerie touch
to the place. My guess is most will have real ghost stories to share with the interested traveler.

If the paranormal or even the slightest hint of it gets you all willy nilly and shaking in your boots with
excitement perhaps it’s time to take out your map and hit the road. You can even start with some of the
detailed maps found at Ghost Town Gallery. I spent several
minutes just looking at all the different towns imagining gun fights, bank robberies, and other scandalous
misadventures that would have brought the town down. If ghostly and historical venues tickle your fancy then mosey on