Deep Blue: New Diving Film

Another nice cross-posting opportunity with our sister site Divester, this one is about the new film coming out this
summer called Deep Blue. I am very eager to see this when it rolls
around New York City. The film is done by the same folks who did the documentary series Blue Planet, and so promises
the same style of luscious underwater images. Pierce Brosnan narrates, adding a James Bondian tone to the film.

I caught the trailer here and was impressed. Very impressed. It kicks
off with a startling fact…eighty percent off life on earth lives in the ocean. Is that true? I had no idea. It then
follows with another cool factoid: more people have been on the moon than have seen the ocean’s deepest depths. Wow.
Makes sense though since the pressures down there are so great. Anyway, the images in the trailer are

really superb, and if they don’t make you want to catch this film, and/or to take the kids to see it, something is
wrong with you.