Krakow’s Salt Mines

Salt mines might not ring a sound for an exciting stop on your next vacation, but the mines
found in Krakow are by all means worth a visit.  I’ve been to a salt
mine or two before in Romania, but they didn’t look anything like the ones found in this CNN piece. The
Wieliczka Salt Mines in
Poland are only a stones throw away from Krakow and it’s more like an underground city than anything. Not too
long ago the mines used to be a station for Nazi’s manufacturing aircraft parts, but these days it is used for
banquets, weddings, and conferences.

Galleries, chambers, lakes, murals, and ballrooms can all be found in the seven century old mine with extremely
unique designs. So unique that the mines have been protected by UNESCO since 1978 and nicely funded. Dazzling
chandeliers and figurines also made of salt crystals can be found nestled into the ceilings and the walls of
the mines.