Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

Following on Google’s heels (something that seems quite common these days)
Microsoft has released a beta version of its new Virtual Earth, a site that
combines local search with maps and aerial photography. As you probably know, Microsoft has offered satellite imagery
with maps with for some time now, but what’s a bit different is that, like Google, the results provide maps and aerial
views. There’s the zoomy thing where you can go in and out of a spot, and you can nicely drag the images around.
Another interesting feature is the “scratch pad” that allows you capture the name, address and description of search

I like the way that the results show a bona-fide map with street names written over the photo. Given MSFTs prodigious
bank account, it’s hard to say who will win the war of satellite/mapping info, but I’ve been sitting here waiting for
my Virtual Earth search to load for about five minutes now (I know, it’s in Beta). But over time I’m sure they’ll work
out the bugs…wait, this is Microsoft we’re talking about. Scratch that.