No Reservations – Anthony Bourdain

Wow, this was kind of weird…as I clicked to read this story about the new Travel Channel travel/food show featuring uber-chef Anthony Bourdain, I was hit with a full page ad for the program. I don’t know if there’s a conflict of interest issue there (the review is quite positive), but seems fishy.

But that aside, the new show, called “No Reservations” features the gravelly-voiced, chain-smoking, hedonistic Bourdain as he gallivants across the globe in search of culinary nirvana. The first segment apparently has him quaffing absinthe in France and getting hammered on air. Now that’s entertainment. Bourdain says that the name of the show, “No Reservations” means that “I just don’t care what happens” (as opposed to meaning that they won’t be visiting any Indians) … an appealing tagline if ever there was one.