Kayak Rescue Techniques

This last Sunday I took a stroll down to Manhattan Kayak, and took a
sea kayak rescue course. I’d done self-rescues in the past, but have never learned specific techniques like the
T-rescue, and I felt it would be a smart thing to get some professional instruction. Granted, dumping in a calm
off-shoot of Hudson River may not have presented me with the typical conditions in which the average kayaker would find
himself – you typically go over when the water is rough – but it was helpful none the less.

All this is a preface to an article on water
I found on Sea kayak Magazine on over-the-side sea kayak speed rescue. It gives a blow-by-blow description
of how to get a kayaker back into his boat by pulling along side and stabilizing the boat as he climbs in. It’s a
satisfyingly informative piece, although nothing beats actually being in the water. But you can learn enough to head
out with a friend and try some of the techniques on your own.