Museum of Stripping

It may be a leap to think of strippers as artists, but Dixie Evans, the curator and director of the
Burlesque Hall of Fame, doesn’t think so. In fact, she’s built an
entire museum to prove it. Yup, a few miles from Barstow sits her museum dedicated to the art and business of

The museum is loaded with stripping artifacts, including sexy photos, G-strings, elaborate costumes, boas, and, one
would guess, a few metal poles. Her point is that we should celebrate stripping as an art form, a means of personal
expression, a viable and efficient dollar bill redistribution mechanism. And perhaps it is. I’ve seen…um, I mean a
friend has told me…that some women perform genuine acts of choreographed beauty on stage. Sadly, some of the more
impressive acts in the history of stripping – i.e. the famous ping pong ball routine developed in Bangkok, will most
likely not be a part of the exhibit.

This might be an interesting, and titillating, experience for those who happen (God forbid) to be traveling to