Salem Witch Hunts Revisited

When I was a little girl I was extremely interested in the Salem Witch Hunts. The idea of young
girls my age falling sick with incurable fits in 1692 and later being outcast in the
community as witches, completely captured my attention. Later on in high school, when my thoughts had been
taken away from the subject I met a girl who practiced witchcraft - white and black magic. She was your
average looking girl and also a cheerleader which seemed rather strange to me, but a nice girl. She presented me
the chance to let her cast a “good” spell on me, provided I give her a piece of my hair. I kindly refused the
offer. Meeting her did take my mind back to Salem and the said witches that once existed.

And something took my mind back there today. Though I can’t recall what it was I decided to revisit Salem and
how it caught my attention the first time around. Reading about it again still has the same effect, but what
may ultimately fill this desire to learn more is to pay a trip to the
Salem Witch Museum. The museum gives visitors a highly
dramatic overview of the witch hunts and the townspeople who were imprisoned by the superstitious Puritans. One of
their latest exhibits explores modern witchcraft and the stereotypical witch. This is something I’d really love to
check out. In the meantime other curious minds can visit the museum’s web site or
National Geographic, which has an
awesome interactive piece that really sets a spine-chilling mood.

Happy witch hunting and broom travels.