Gadling Podcasts in iTunes

I hope you had the chance yesterday to listen to our
podcast interview with John Chatterton. Chatterton is a
legend in the diving community who currently co-hosts the History Channel’s Deep Sea Detectives and whose story was
told in the book Shadow Divers, by author Rob Kurson. FYI: Shadow Divers will soon be made into a film directed by
Ridley Scott. Well, this is just one of several podcasts we have done over the past months, all of which can be
downloaded from our podcast section and/or subscribed to via
an RSS feed.

But we are also now on itunes. If you go to the itunes podcast directory and look under travel,
can subscribe
to the Gadling podcasts and have them immediately added to your list of podcast feeds. Very cool.
We’ll have more podcasts coming soon with travel experts and adventurers, so stay tuned.

By the way, if you haven’t checked out any of our previous podcasts, we’ve done some good ones since we first started
doing this. Here is a list:

     — James O’Reilly,
Executive Editor of Traveler’s Tales

     — Lonely Planet’s Don

     — Eric Stiller, kayaker and
the author of Keep Australia on Your Left

     — Jim Benning, co-editor of
the online travel site Worldhum

     — Dean LaTourrette and
Kristine Enea, travel authors