Gorp’s Top Ten Music Festivals

In the good old days when summer meant three months of time off, I used to hit as many of the country’s music
festivals as possible. I used to do the Telluride Bluegrass Festival somewhat religiously, as well as several of the
other Jazz and Rock festivals around the country. My memories are a bit hazy, given the passing of time and the nature
of such events, but I remember many of these festivals somehow involved funnel cake.

Anyway, as we slide into summer’s mid-point, it behooves us to ask: which are the best music festivals in the world?
Good question. In this Top Ten List,
outdoor sport site Gorp tries to answer it. From the
JVC Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island
(August), to the Barossa Music Festival in Barossa, Australia (August/September),
the list gives a nice run down of the global opportunities for live music listening. Some are past (i.e. Telluride was
in June), but some lie ahead, providing ample time to book your trip now and add a little backbeat to your summer