Tomato Choka and other Tomato Ideas

Every once a month I stop into Island Events to read about all the fetes
and partying happening that I can’t attend at the moment, but I am preparing early for next
year’s Carnival. (It has been said that Trinidad and Tobago has the best Carnival in the world. Also the
Great Fete Weekend is something to be
checked out too if in the area.) Yet another column on their web site always seems to grab my attention; that about
food. Normally they’ll feature a spicy island favorite, but this week they catered to tomato lovers. And I love
tomatoes. What they have provided is a good list of ideas to preparing your tomato. Basic ideas include salsa, dried
cherry tomatoes, tomato bruschetta along with eating your tomato plain.

One I wasn’t quite accustomed to was this
tomato choka recipe. Let’s just say it
involves boiling a pound of tomatoes. After the tomatoes have been boiled you’ll want to peel and crush them, add
onions, some salt and pepper then mix well. While doing this you can begin to saute your garlic cloves. When they have
finished add them to your dish along with some Sada roti and you have yourself another prized island meal.