If you’re stuck on something to do this weekend, and yet you know that somewhere out there, just a few miles, or
perhaps an hour drive from your home there are mountains and trails, but you have no idea which ones are out there, and
you really want to find out, and you have a computer that you can look up such things, then you might just consider,
assuming you are not comatose and you are able to consider, a site such as
Trailmonkey, which provides links to trails and waterfalls and
lots of other things to do in your area, providing you have an area and are not an itinerant homeless bum without a
place to call your own, in which case you probably wouldn’t have a computer to check for nearby trails anyway, or even
read this extremely long run on sentence that I am writing on a Saturday morning because I’ve just had coffee and stop
myself and could almost go on forever, but I need to stop now and will stop right this second…(ah, whew).