All for Des Moines

My little cousin is leaving the nest and heading off to Iowa for college in a matter of weeks. Not
entirely sure which area he is headed or if he is even close to Des Moines, but it’s
probably a small college town with farms and cows and not much else around. At least that’s how I picture things in
Iowa. This piece found in today’s Star Tribune shows
a different side of Des Moines, Iowa. A more urban, fun, and action packed
city that awaits the unknowing visitor. 

Summer is the perfect time to embark on a journey to the state’s capital. Every Saturday morning visitors and locals
can trek down to the Farmer’s Market to find fresh produce and a good mixture of ethnic fare as well. At night the city
hosts some pretty exciting summer activities to pass the time, be it a baseball game or a firework show. Also coming up
for the city is the famous state fair. If you’ve been thinking Iowa, I’m sure
you wouldn’t want to miss Des Moines or its prized fair.