Paddling Manhattan

Here is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do. Ever since moving to Manhattan
I’ve seen the island as paddle haven. Slipping along the waterfront and checking out the old piers and warehouses, the
broken housing projects and the roar of the FDR. It’s an island, after all, which means you can make your way
around it if you’re determined enough. It’s a 26-mile circumnavigation, but people do it all the time. So far, however,
I have not.

But this article in the NY Times this morning
talks about the Manhattan circumnavigation and goes so far as to suggest it is relatively easy. Which I understand it
is, if you’ve paddled before. But for many of the folks on this trip, it was their first time on a boat, or at least
the first time they’d ever tackled a trip as long as a marathon.

It’s a very cool trip that I will do someday soon. In fact, it would be doubly cool to hold a kind of Ironman
Biathlon, run a marathon and then paddle the island, both being the same distance.