San Fran’s Hotel Triton at Union Square

For me to go to bank on a hotel room, I need to know I’m getting an experience out of the stay.
Not just soft, clean sheets (changed on a daily basis), Aveda skin care products to
bathe with and over accommodating staff, but something to confirm the hotel was incredibly awesome, provided a
yee-haw time or rocked my socks off. Fortunately a stay at San Francisco’s
Hotel Triton
won’t cost you tons and you can even walk away inked with a tattoo to confirm the time was well spent.
The ‘So Hip it Hurts’ package provides a $65 credit for a  piercing or tattoo from Mom’s Body Shop on
Haight Street. Should you become a little faint during the experience they’ll have
smelling salts close-at-hand and if things really get foggy you can sleep your pain away in your
Designer Celebrity Suite, also included in the package.

The staff at Hotel Triton must really know what the masses want or at least what’s going on in their wildest dreams.
Check out their ‘Sex in the City, ‘Girls Gone Wild,’ and ‘It’s easy being GREEN’
packages. The later being a little less extraordinary,
but a wonderful Bay Area hiking guide is included.