Australia: The Friendly Country

America is in serious need of a self-help guide…or a better PR agency. Why? Because we are getting our collective
butts kicked when it comes to global attitudes towards our country. Sure, the Iraq War and an intransigent
administration is the main cause of the world’s negative attitude towards us, but most Americans are genuinely nice
folk…welcoming, loving, giving, a bit dense at times, both in terms of bodily girth and understanding of the wrold
outside our borders…but come on, overall we’re quite nice.  Isn’t there something we can do to boost our

What I’m talking about is
a new
that was released yesterday analyzing countries as
global brands. (btw: this link was sent to me by an Aussie buddy working here in the states…did you get that?
Working in the states.). It seems most people around the globe favor the Australians when it comes to issues
like investment, immigration, tourism and people. Australians? Now I love Aussies as much as the next guy. Good folk.
And I understand Sydney is a very nice place. But number one? Don’t people know Rupert Murdoch is Australian? And in
this consumer-oriented, product-based world, I would have thought that any study of global brands would stem in part
from brands a country exports. What does Australia sell to the world? Fosters beer and…um…well, Fosters beer. As the
article here points out, the main Australian export is coal. Maybe I missed something and people really dig Australian

Of course, I’m just having some fun at my Aussie buddy’s expense. But I am dead serious about the need for Americans
to take it upon themselves to salvage our global image. We’re really very nice. And aspirations of global domination
notwithstanding, we really would like to teach the world to sing…with a Coke in each fist, of course.