NOW: No Opportunity Wasted

Here’s a new show I was unaware of…it’s called No
Opportunity Wasted
and jumps on the whole “Lifelist” concept that is so popular now. I think Men’s Journal had a
big series on Lifelists recently.

The point of the lifelist, if you don’t know, is to sit down and thoughtfully put together a list of all the things
you want to do in your life, from learning another language to climbing Everest. This is true gadling kinda stuff. In
fact, very soon, today perhaps, I’m going to start a lifelist feature where we highlight one cool thing to add to your
lifelist. I should note that the lifelist concept was largely popularized by a friend of mine,
John Goddard, who lives in my hometown. I’ve visited
Goddard and can tell you he is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. A true hero of mine.

Now that said, thiis new show does exactly that. Sort of. The host Phil Keoghan asks people what they would do if they
had 72 hours and $3000 and could do something they’ve always wanted to do. Then they follow them as they do it. I
haven’t seen the show yet, but apparently it airs on Fit TV and Discovery HD TV. I’ll try to tune in and will post a