McSweeney’s: Extreme Accountant

Always on the lookout for a good laugh, we often check in with the folks over at McSweeney’s. Why? Because they are,
as Alduos Huxley might have put it, so frightfully clever. A few times I’ve posted McSweeney’s pieces that have no
relevance whatsoever to travel or sports…but today things are different. You’ll get a belly-laugh out of
this piece by Julia Haslauer called Richard
Salvatore: Future Extreme Accountant Endorsed by Gatorade
. I don’t want to explain what it’s about because, well,
explaining humor always seems to drain the humor out of things. So give it a read. And if you think it’s funny…would
you could you?…maybe you’d enjoy a story I wrote a few years ago, which is similar in a way, called
The Matador.