Mountain Biking Japan

When I think of Japan, I am more apt to picture teeming throngs of people moving like bovine herds through the
streets or crowding onto subways. With the exception of a long-standing desire to hike Mt. Fuji, I generally don’t
think of outdoors activity. But as this article points
, outdoor sports are becoming all the rage in Japan, including mountain biking.

The author gets to hang out for a bit with Team Kaminari, (which translates to mean “Lightening &
Thunder”), and checks out some of the mountain biking offerings in the Land of the Rising Sun. He heads to (well, here
you go) Mt. Fuli, where for a brief period in and around mid-September, the mountain offers itself up to mountain
biking. Heading out with team Lightening & Thunder, he navigates the twisting trails, gnarly switchbacks,
all-too-frequent checkpoint, and the piles of loose scree to find himself enjoying a pleasantly unusual biking
experience. Add this one to your list of mountain biking must-dos.