Hiking the Lost Coast and More

There are very few areas left along the California Coast that are more or less undisturbed by development. But one
of them, a 25 mile stretch North of San Fransisco called the Lost
, is one of the most beautiful places in the state. I hiked it with some friends a few years ago, and found it
immensely fun…but at times it is grueling. You have to walk along a slanted beach for long sections of the hike and the
effort wreaks havok on your ankles. So bring some good boots.

Those interested in the Lost Coast will find this piece on
GORP worth checking out. And
Backpacker Magazine runs a piece on
several excellent places in California to find solitude and outdoor adventure whether you want to travel on foot or by
bike. They cover the Lost Coast and also Humboldt Redwoods State Park, where the mountain biking is said to be superb.
And finally, they mention Stone Lagoon, where paddlers can drop a boat in, and experience the coast from off