Key West Inn: Inexpensive Chain Motels

Never heard of the inexpensive chain of Key West Inn motels? Maybe you’ve never
gotten stuck in places like Boaz or
Wetumpka, AL. Seems that there are quite a few of these
affordable motels in places tucked in tiny little southern towns many of us have yet to explore, but if a deep cheap
southern adventure is on your calendar, certainly check them out. 

Each inn is modeled after old historic buildings in Key West, Florida and have a very homey
Victorian-style exterior, with shutters and gingerbread trim. The interior carries a pleasant tropical theme and guest
rooms are bright and airy. The fairly basic amenities include: continental breakfast, HBO, and swimming pools to beat
the sticky and sometimes blistering humidity in the south. Doesn’t sound to shabby and if you really plan on bouncing
from town to town maybe they’ll cut you a deal. In any case their web site is actually pretty nice giving lots of
detailed information on attractions found in nearby locations and also hyping that HBO up.