Pool Kayaking Lessons

Pool kayaking lessons
may come off a little ‘lame’ and ‘un cool’ to some, but this program built out

of Raleigh, N.C. was specifically built for seasoned paddlers looking to perfect their roll
and for others just looking to test the sport out. (Personally pool kayaking is awesome even if you are pro kayaker.
Great for parties!) As formal instruction is not provided, the event held every Friday Night from November to
March at the Optimist Pool in North Raleigh does turn into a small social event, but serious paddlers are
encouraged to meet other paddlers in the area and swap tips. You’ll also want to bring your own equipment or you
can rent theirs for a small fee.

In addition to pool kayaking there are several other lessons provided at the pool including some one-on-one
instruction, kayaking basics, and river kayaking courses.